Stay Connected with McDowell

I want to stay connected to McDowell!

McDowell County is an American story that deserves a new chapter—one filled with promise, with goodwill, with the type of shared commitment that offers solid reasons to believe in a brighter future. It’s a revision befitting this small Appalachian community, seated deep in the mountains on the southern fringe of West Virginia, where too much of the narrative over the past half-century has been darkened by hardship, isolation and loss.

By working together with the people of McDowell County, and convening, coordinating and sustaining the educational, social and economic supports McDowell needs, we are confident that this resilient community will be on a path to reconnecting its hopes for the future.

I want to be a part of this historic partnership and show my support for McDowell children and the greater community. I want to stay connected to McDowell!


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